Ministry Team

Archdeacon Michael Hopkins


Fr Michael was inducted as Rector of the Northern Mallee on the 5th November 2009. He also serves the Diocese as the Archdeacon of St Arnaud.

Prior to coming to Mildura, Michael held a General Manager role within Anglicare Victoria developing partnerships with Anglican Parishes across Victoria.

Fr Michael has announced that he will not be seeking an extension to his current tenure in the parish beyond his 10th Anniversary (5/11/19). His last Sunday before commencing on leave will be 1st September 2019 before moving with Kris to Geelong.
To contact Archdeacon Michael:

The Reverend Keith Nicholas
OLM and Assistant Priest

As our own Ordained Local Minister, Fr Keith was ordained in 2010 to assist and support the ongoing ministry in the Northern Mallee. Prior to moving to Mildura, Keith worked in the Mines in Broken Hill. Fr Keith is CFA Chaplain for the Loddon/Mallee region.
To contact Fr Keith:

Sarah Fevaleaki

Ministry Aspirant

Sarah is our Ministry Aspirant and has completed the ‘Australis Certificate in Ministry’ offered by the Diocese. A nurse by profession, Sarah leads worship at St Peter’s Robinvale and has recently joined the Ministry Team.
To contact Sarah contact the Parish Office.

The Reverend Alan Colley
Retired Honorary Priest

Fr Alan retired to Mildura from the Diocese of Wangaratta in 1999 and has served in an honorary capacity across the Parish. To contact Fr Alan call the Parish Office.

Anglican Parish of the Northern Mallee
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