Archdeacon Michael Hopkins

 The Anglican Church in
North West Victoria


Welcome to this website about Anglicans in the Northern Mallee. The site is a virtual window to our mission and ministry in the north-western corner of Victoria, and south-west corner of New South Wales.  You can explore how we are engaging the various communities where we live in the name of  Christ.

The Anglican Parish of the Northern Mallee covers some 20,000 square kilometres and is situated along the Murray River and borders both New South Wales and South Australia.  50,000 people call this region home, of that some 30,000 people reside in Mildura.

Our major industries include agriculture and tourism.  95% of of Australia's dried vine fruit and 74% of the table grapes are grown in our district.  Wheat and barley, nuts, olives, citrus, asparagus and carrots all  compliment Australian tables.

Our ministry is expressed in three centres in Mildura, Merbein and Irymple.  A team of 5 clergy gather each community around the Eucharist.  In addition we offer pastoral and ministry oversight in the neighbouring Parishes of Robinvale/Manangatang (in the Diocese of Bendigo) and Wentworth/Dareton (in the Diocese of Riverina).













We are a community re-energised to follow Christ in our worship and service in the community.  Our worship is Anglican in its expression, contemporary and inclusive of all.

You will be welcomed to our worship and activities; I hope you find this website is able to support your faith and growth.

Archdeacon Michael Hopkins

Christmas 2016